Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shot Out - Minnesota at Edmonton: The Rundown

FINAL SO 3 - 2

The Bold
Samwise G has been playing inspired hockey for a player without a goal in what seems like an epoch. Young man, hustle and the goals will come. He's a veteran as young as various rookies THIS SEASON. Give him a chance. Although I'm not a fan of two passers and a Horcough on one line.


Smid and Petry were hitting machines last night, which gave us a good physical component. Wasn't enough to win, but sigh.

The Awful
Khabi! What was that? You play fantastic for 2.5 periods, and then take the night off. Sighface, we shoulda lost in overtime with that goaltending. Where's Mike Morrison for a shootout when you need him? Stops everythang.

Paajaarvi didn't do it for me. Various bloggers have praised him for his speed, but he's always had the speed, see. He's making the same move every game. Drives on the wing, and then tries to drag it to the net.
I'm not seeing a progression of talent here. I'm seeing stagnation.

Coach Renney needs to buck up and tell the kid how its going to be - the AHL until or unless you change your method and your style. Its not working.

The OutofControl
Those injuries for Minnesota. The loss of Clutterbuck means that Minnesota will eventually fall out of the sky. Clutterbuck means a lot more to the team than just goals - the NHL perennial hockey hitting talent, the Wild become just another team without him. Although the team may make or break on Koivu's leadership, it is on Clutterbuck's hitting that they become an excellent team.

Also, just to cheer you up after that stinker, RNH and Smyth both have more goals than Heatley. He, as they say, can suck it.

The Beautiful
Props to my goaltender buddy-in-arms Jimmy Howard.

Especially against the Tampa Bay "We play the offence and the trap" Lightning. Scary.

Just a fantastic glove save. Plus, it looks like a good-old 60's save, which is pretty damn awesome.

You can see the goal riiiiiiight here, my bea-uty of the day!

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