Monday, 19 December 2011

Dec 19: Detroit at Edmonton, RSW, 7:30 PM

Game Story
Not saying he's made of titanium. Probably just an aluminum-carbon alloy thing.

Detroit - the exact opposite of a doctor's order
Yeah. The Oilers have been, well, abysmal of late.

The Red Wings have been, well, not abysmal.

If there exists a team that the Oilers would like to play right now, to get back into the groove, it would be Columbus. Or Anaheim. Hell, send us Chicago! We can score 9 goals against them from time to time.

Not Detroit.

Oh god, not Detroit.

The only change for the team is the insert of one Lennert Petrell and the demotion of Darcy Hordichuk. For anything other than to partially stop the best powerplay in the league as of late.

Seriously. You put Datsyuk and Holmstrom and Lidstrom's set-shot and Zetterberg together and expect anything less than beautiful coaching by Babcock and your teams is now losing 8-2. Sorry, Los Angeles. 

Hall - Nuge - Ebs
Smyth - Gagner - Hemsky
Jones - Belanger - Horcoff (Because you can never have enough faceoff men)
Petrell - Lander - Eager



Glorious Prediction - The Oilers come out, with all guns, arms, appendages swinging, and rope-a-dope the Wings to a 6-2 excite-fest. Eberle becomes player 51 in an Oilers uniform to score a Mad Hatter.
Realistic Prediction - In fact, this is one of those games that nobody expects us to win. Or show up. So we will. Boo-yeah. 4-3 OT Oilers.
ELPH Prediction - This was almost my Realistic Prediction. That's how bad I feel about the game. Oilers get roasted alive on a spit while the ghost of Kirk Maltby laughs as his beloved Red Wings kill the few Oilers that show up tonight 7-2. 

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