Friday, 9 December 2011

Why do I bother?: Carolina @ Edmonton - The Rundown

Oh for crying out loud.

I've seen a lot of horrible games from these Oilers. Few, and I mean, few compare to what I saw two nights ago.

I could post, well, you know, the score, but there's no point.

We broke the Hurricane's winless streak. Pats on the backs for all of them.

We beat ourselves in spectacular fashion. Heck, even Smyth and Jones, the holy mullets, weren't bloody skating.

Being a fan of the Oilers that game, you actually wanted them to lose badly so that someone would fight someone and it wouldn't be like Sutton's accidental bully-tackle. It was one of those games that was painful to watch. It made you wretch a little.

I bothered picking the Hurricanes just so we would win. Screw that.

Aside from the game, I just want to take a look at this season.
We had probably the highest point in three years, the Chicago game where we destroyed and pillaged.
We might have just had the lowest point in three years, where the whole team that got an entire fan base rabid and excited for hockey started playing pylon ball instead of hockey.

ELPH Oilers, like the years before, never got me hoping. They never had skill, or a veteran presence consistantly. The bright spot was looking forward to the future.

This season, with that start, everyone in the nation was hoping.

And then, they go do that.

Will the real Oilers please stand up?

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