Tuesday, 20 December 2011

FREEDOM: Red Wings and Oilers - The Rundown

FINAL 3 - 2


Would you look at that, the Oilers lost a game they were expected to lose. But we played well, actually.

The score, for one, might not give us credit :)

The Woo!, by the way, is not a "Exciting Last Place Hockey" Woo, its the woo that can only be cried at the end of exams - so I can finally take my Christmas exam-free break.

The Bold


The team, actually. We played good team hockey. For once. Sure, there were lapses. 3, in fact. 3 goals where, sure, had Khabi had his glove an inch down, or had Whitney not gaffed, but hey! We actually looked like we were trying.

The Meh
Whitney doesn't look any better than Barker. That's saying something.

We were winning with Barker. We're not with Whitney. That Gaffe is part of the reason we lost.

The Awful
What was with those refs? The trip during the powerplay of Hall? Are we allowed to slew-foot now?

Nothing, however, comes close to the Miller call, or non-call. Argument ensues, and the ref forgets about Darryl Helm bursting in and getting a shot on the goalie. Not only should that be delay of game for shooting after the whistle (I distinctly remember Hemsky getting called for that a few years back, which is interesting, because the only time he shoots is when its illegal), but Helm mighta scored. What would you do then - oh right. Intent to blow.

The Beautiful
Patrice Bergeron - Tyler Seguin - Brad Marchand


Montreal gaffe, again, and then you get this little dangle, with hands like silk, my beauty of the day.

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