Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday Randoms - Pre-game (January 7th)| EDM at DAL

This sums up the past few days.

About the Oilers.
About the Canadian squad.

Everybody - simply close, but no cigar.

The Oilers had great efforts in both Buffalo and St. Louis for long stretches of the game. Which, of course, is impressive. Then, they go and lose that game.

Canada wakes up too late in the game, realizes they're down 6-1, and attempt to mount a comeback that runs JUUUUST short. 

Russia realizes they're in the gold medal game in Overtime. The defencemen, so bewildered by the fact they might win gold, cough up the puck to Mika Zibenajed, who pots that puck past the only Russian who thought that this was a big game the whole game, Sergei Makarov.

Ce n'est pas un pipe.

Game Story
See? Star-gazing!

The Oilers are attempting to salvage a little something from this roadtrip.

I'll be happy if we don't get Calgaried (9-0. Lovely game to watch. 'Cept if you're a Flamer.)

Tom Gilbert is out for his third game, but he should be back relatively soon.

Cam Barker is one to two months away! Huzzah!

Oh, and some kid named Ryan (expletive) Nugent (expletive) Hopkins got injured and out 3-4 weeks.

Those heartless devils that hit him... I blame the icecrew.

Glorious Prediction - After watching Boston? Nothing more than that could be glorious. 9-0. Eberle hatter. Pure glory.
Realistic Prediction - I don't know, maybe the few losses before that we were so close in, I believe we're winning a game we have no business winning. The Dallases and Phoenixes of the league can boss us around, so really, we shouldn't have a shot at winning this. But you know what? I take the Oilers 5-4.
LPH Prediction - That's right. The E got eaten. We've reached that point in our hockey prowess. We can only beat Chicago or Columbus for sure. Dallas owns us 4-1, just like the New York freaking Islanders.

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