Tuesday, 3 January 2012

B2B Rundown - Blackhawks, Oilers Jan 2

FINAL 4 - 3

Yeh yeh.

That's right, laddies and gents, the Oilers won.

The Bold
Taylor Hall was flying!
Eager bounced back!
Hemsky had some dandy moves.
Smyth was Smyth.
The team played well, really. Dubsy!!

The Meh
... except for Khabibulin. Someone obviously told him that we desperately needed the win last night, and then he went and continued that deal with whichever god he made that pact with at the start of the season (you know, the one where he got all of his skill back?), which most obviously required human sacrifice.

Why on earth did you pick Nugent-Hopkins (our most important forward) and Gilbert (our most important D-man)?

Plus, if you guys watched that game last night, dear lord, there were about 6 players injured or sore after that game. Plus Ryan Jones, who has a bruised heel bone.

Wow - I hope the deal means we get a playoff spot.

The Awful
Carcillo's hit. Bad man.

The Beautiful
Nothing much happened last ni- oh you say there were 2 quarterfinals and an outdoor game? I see...

Lundqvist's save on a dumb penalty to save the game absofreakinglutely awesome - my beauty of le jour.

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