Friday, 13 January 2012

Jan 13: Ducks at Oilers, SNET, 7:30 PM

Game Story
In other news, Ducks no longer Mighty.

It's as if...
It's as if the schedule asks us to get better. Finally, a break. No trap hockey, no Detroit Red Wings, no away games at places with awful ice where Nugent-Hopkins goes and separates his shoulder. 
And No Jamie Benn preventing Eberle getting to the All-Star Game.

We get to play the Ducks. They're worse than us.




Khabibulin (likely + it's his 39th birthday today! Happy Birthday Rehabibulin!)

Injuries? Hah. Nothing of note. Just some kid named Eberle. And that other guy, Nugent-Hopkins or something? And approximately 3 of our top 6 defensemen. That's right - most teams would not want a Smid-Teubert first pairing.


Glorious Prediction - OILERS HAT TRICK! And guess who? It's gonna be a late Christmas gift from Father Smythmas! Oilers take this one in a romp 7-2.
Realistic Prediction - No. I'm having a good feeling about this here. Oilers are going to take this one 5-3, with an empty-net goal by Paajarvi. He can do something. But with that line-up, that's the best he can do.
ELPH Prediction - We're going to win man. We're going to win! I feel it.
Unless the Ducks play like the Ducks - deal with it, this team is underperforming - they should be exceptional with the best first line in hockey*. But we make it close! I can only see the Ducks winning in OT, 4-3.

*Hockey sees as hockey does. They aren't.

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