Monday, 2 January 2012

Jan 2: Edmonton at Chicago, SNET-W, 6:30PM

Game Story
No, seriously, sir, I simply don't care.

The Oilers, I will argue, couldn't win with this guy in or out of the lineup last year, mainly because the Oilers were simply awful everywhere.

New Khabibulin? First line that exists? Teemu Hartikainen? This, ladies and gents, could be freaking fantastic.

Then again, we're playing Chicago. They're good. They're incredibly good.

The Macblen... uh, I mean, the Renblender, or whatever permutation of that you would like to change it into, was in full swing
Smyth - RNH - Eberle
Hall - Horcoff - Hemsky
Gagner - Belanger - Jones
Hartikainen - Lander - Eager

Man, Eager got duped and trolled last game - we know how Brad Staubitz felt that game where Hordichuk made him take that 4 minute major. Damn. Eager needs to bounce back with skill and size. Always take the moral high ground. Can't lose then.

Only another 6 game skid from having only ELPH predictions. Shall the countdown begin?
Glorious Prediction - We come into Chicago's house and smoke 'em 9-2. Ebs trick. RNH 5 assists. Boo yeah.
Realistic Prediction - We're going to get a point. I feel it. Just not 2. 4-3 OT loss to Chicago.
ELPH Prediction - HAHAHAHAHA. Chicago, knowing how it feels to lose 9-2, destroys us on the road 6-1. Ebs gets a goal on the power-play. Heh.

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