Monday, 30 January 2012

Trading Day - 3/5 Shawn Horcoff

You're joking.

No, I'm not.

There's interest in this player. We'll just have to swallow up an awful contract to do it.

He's one of the best third-line centres in the league.
Knows how to win a face-off, great leader on and off the ice, once had a point-per-game season, plays powerplay minutes and penalty kill minutes.

The effeminate everyman.

His contract, as you may have heard, is incredibly overpriced. He's paid like a first line centre. He plays like a third line centre. Maybe even a second line centre.

We'd have to swallow up a contract to make this thing work.

Beyond that, I don't think that trading Horcoff would be the best bet for the Oilers. Is Belanger an upgrade over him? Isn't his leadership an essential part of moving forward?

I could see teams that are struggling with depth at cente, successes on the road and/or in need of leadership and an everyman. Think Winnipeg or New York ...

I'm not going to even explain - this is preposterous and you know it. We'll have to swallow a bad contract, but we'll get rid of him. Sorry, Scorecoff.

Winnipeg doesn't really have anything that we could trade him for...

New York? Redden and picks? You never know...

Let's face it. He's not going to get traded, not right now. Because the team I see trading with us for Horcoff is Columbus, and they're not buyers. 

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