Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HAH We won. WIN STREAK? Edmonton at Columbus, SNET-W, 5:00 PM

Game Story
Just sayin.

Oilers win game, obviously winning Stanley Cup?
Heck no.

We obviously still are in the hunt for Yakupov. We did just win one game.

But Eberle looks to be back either tonight or Thursday.

If the Oilers get a spirited matchup tonight, and get the wunderkind back by tomorrow night, we could be in for, well, a win streak.

For this team, that couldn't buy a win these past few days, it's kind of incredible. Just kind of.

Injured stiil are Barker, Nuge, Whitney, Gilbert, . Really? Only that many people?

And Belanger, who must be wearing bad luck around like a clove of garlic. Seriously, mate, we won without you in the line-up. I smell correlation.

That's that of thatness.

Smyth-Horcoff-Paajarvi (who, I might add, had a whale of a game)
Jones-Lander-O'Marra (?)


Dubnyk? Khabibulin?
Glorious Prediction - Oilers take this 5-0, with THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF EBERLE.
Realistic Prediction - Seems like everything is going great, plus a bad team, but I don't know. I'm having some reservations about our ability to win the game in the first few. We win our second straight game after regulation, this time in a shootout, the winner by Paajarvi. Crazy.
LPH Prediction - We lose. A kick in the nads, because its Columbus we're losing to.

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