Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bleeding out? Oilers at Canucks - The Rundown

FINAL 3 - 5

The Oilers were outscored 3-0 in the first.

Truly, they started playing hockey in the second, so props to them for scoring three goals.

The Bold
Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins continue their strong play. Jordan Eberle had 2 points on the night, while the Nuge kept up his PPG pace.

The Meh
Khabi wanted two of those goals back. That would have made it 3-3.

Potter was to blame, I believe, on the second goal. Then again, his point shot was deftly deflected by Jonesy.

The Awful
Plante's nose after that hit. Ouch! Godspeed on recovery!

Also, the glass team. Seriously? It was as long as an intermission to fix that. Then again, I don't have your skills, so props for running on the ice. That was epic.

The Beautiful
The pride of Sherwood Park, Alberta. Till he beat the Oilers in the Cup Final.

Nice to see him get his first NHL goal!

Even more epic he scored it against the all-time leading point scorer... for goalies, Martin Brodeur.

Yes, that's right. Cam Ward. Take a bow, sir, my beauty of the day!

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