Friday, 23 December 2011

Ebs and Flow: Wild and Oilers - The Rundown

FINAL 1 - 4

Boo yeah.

Oilers - Beat - Something.

That's cause for celebration in itself.

The Bold
What a game by Khabibulin! Stellar throughout, well, except that goal in the third. Damn Heatley!

And a roar back from Smyth! Wrap around goal like he usually does.

Oh yeah. That Eberle kid. Did alright.

The Meh
The Wild did not play a co-hesive game.

Petrell was up and down, hence, the meh. He technically gave us the backbreaker 3-0 goal, but he probably is looking at a suspension for that hit. Yikes.

The Awful
Pooh - we won a game, thus spoiling ELPH and the fall for Yakupov. Who cares?

The Beautiful
What's with all these singers playing hockey?

Well, you could watch the very boring shot Justin Bieber makes on Jonas Gustavsson, or, you can watch the class act that is Michael Buble bear in on Luongo, go to the backhand, roof it, hit the post, and fall.

Entertainment :D

My beauty of the day.

Enjoy the holidays!

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