Friday, 16 December 2011

Coyotes beat Dubnyk, Taylor Hall, not much else - Rundown

FINAL 2 - 4

The score, actually, neither flatters nor reflects poorly the Oilers and the happenings of last game.

The Coyotes got a goal taken away from them, then got a gimmie from both Belanger and Dubnyk.

Taylor Hall scored twice, which was pretty freaking awesome. Dynamic players do dynamic things.

Too bad.

The Bold
Taylor Hall!

Dubnyk, aside from goal number 4, played excellent hockey - had he won the night for the Oil, the pad save on Shane Doan would have been on every highlight reel. Train robbery.

The Meh
Change up?!?!

Hemsky's effort grew in the game from "not-trying" to "almost-trying". He actually was in the zone of "trying"... for the last 2 minutes of the game.
We want consistency. We demand results.

Gagner looked absent. Where's the swagger when he put the team on his back and played some incredible hockey just a few games ago?

The Awful
The whole game.

Smyth played better, Nuge was Nuge, Eberle was Eberle, and we still lost.

The Beautiful
Its not even from yesterday.

But, well, it's the hot topic in the NHL.


He's gonna get Hextall'd if he tries this again. But, while he lasts, enjoy him psychologically torturing poor Backstrom here, my beauty of the day.

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