Saturday, 3 December 2011

Indiana Ryan Jones: Columbus at Edmonton - The Rundown

FINAL 3 - 6

That's right.
We won.

Rejoice, for the Oilers didn't keel over after giving up the lead! I may take a second to remind you that's a first since three games ago.

The Bold
Every Ryan.
Ryan Smyth - 2 assists. I think he has rejuvenated as the hardest player to play on around the boards.
Ryan Jones - Heard he had a hat trick or something. Kind of crazy.
Ryan NUGENT Hopkins - Another assist 38 seconds into the game to continue his incredible pace.
Ryan O'Marra - Very nice in his replacement of Lander - 7-1 on the face-off dot, making the decision over this game kind of difficult.
Ryan Whitney - He made a move during the powerplay to sneak in, dangle, and dish and had not for Curtis Sanford and his acrobatics, would have got himself a gargantuan point. His dump ins and puck moving is starting to reappear to make a difference. This team could be trouble to anyone in the league if he can keep that up.

Ales Hemsky hit things. That was pretty cool.

And you know it's good when Ryan Jones has more goals than Alexander Ovechkin.

The Awful
Tom Gilbert's gaffe. LOL. He had quite a game otherwise, but that's the blemish everyone will remember.

Plus, Dubnyk! KEEP YOUR STICK DOWN FOR A POKE CHECK. He's been watching too much post 2008 Brodeur. Needs to watch pre-2002 Brodeur for those poke checks.

And you know its bad when Gagner, Paajaarvi, Belanger, Whitney and Peckham now have less goals than Ladislav "What-are-goals-I-only-block-things" Smid.

The OutofControl
Derrick Dorrsett would fit in really nicely on this team in that spot occupied by Hordichuk and Eager. Really, where Eager is. I like Hordy's play, but Eager has the speed and the attitude to be Dorrsett (who had 2 goals on the night), he just hasn't been.

The Beautiful
Derrick Dorrsett was really in the running for beauty of the day, but, alas, Montoya came to steal the show.

Shots hurt.

Especially shots to an unprotected part of your anatomy.

Especially shots to your writing hand.

Especially without a stick.

Montoya, dropping his stick and obviously ignoring his threshold of pain, catches the shot with his NON GLOVE HAND. Youch.

At least you got beauty of the day honors!
My beauty of the day!

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