Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oilers lose hot potato to Sharks - The Rundown

FINAL 2 - 3

Both teams played horrendously.

Sharks gave away pucks like nobody's business.

Oilers gave away pucks like nobody's business.

Antti Niemi doesn't comprehend rebound control.

Khabibulin played his heart out and still lost.

The Bold
Taylor Hall ran the game last night. When he was on the ice, all eyes simply fell on him. He's dazzling, he's a bonafide star. IF HE STOPPED GETTING INJURED ASAFAKJA.

Ryan Whitney looked a "little" better.

Also under the "bonafide super talent" zone - Ryan freaking Jones. Penalty killing machine, shot blocker, goal scorer, short-handed marker, set up man...

The Meh
RNH needs to improve at the dot. Good against awful teams, bad against fantastic teams. That puts him in the middle. The kid needs some sort of skill to stay on this team long term. Gosh.

The Awful
The pairing of Potter and Peckham. Peckham plays the hard-nosed, in your face, I-will-manhandle-you-if-you-touch-me,-Havlat, game.
Potter tried to be physical, but he's not as solid defensively. Change up that pairing, cuz it wasn't working last night.

Peckham's penalty, I heard many people say, sealed the deal. No, no it didn't. Horcoff's weak defensive half-assed play sealed the deal. He's one of our most solid defensive forwards right now. That's why it was a little disappointing, and I blame him for that goal.

The Beautiful
It was between Eberle, Elias and Havlat for goals last night. Since Havlat's and Elias' goal were basically the same, I'm giving this one to Ebs.


Watch Eberle's goal here - my beauty of the day
Havlat's here
Elias' here.

You decide. Which of the three was better?

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