Saturday, 10 December 2011

Finally! Colorado at Edmonton - The Rundown

We won the freaking game.

FINAL 1 - 4

The Bold
First line clicked. Power play clicked. Samwise the Great restored hope in millions of Oilers fans around the world with his sick dangle. Moves like that have not been seen from the young Sam since his rookie season. Looked a little Kane-esque, don't you think?

The Awful
In fact, although the score shows a 4-1 ownage, the team was kept in it because of Khabibulin (recurring theme, no?). Because of Khabi, we existed last night and exited with a great romp.

Teubert can hit, but he sure as hell can't change.

Paajaarvi needs someone slicker on his line than Petrell. I'm still for reuniting Tre Kronor. Four lines that can score = absolute insanity.

The OutofControl
After watching the Oilers beat themselves, it was nice to see an opponent do the same. The Avalanche had awful pinches, awful giveaways, and poor Semyon Varlamarov (that guy with the goalie mask on that we scored on) was left to dry out a bit too often.

Unfortunate for him. Forever, he'll be compared to whoever the Caps take in the first round. If the Avalanche continue, it might as well be Nail. *shudders and collapses with the thought of Ovechkin-Backstrom-Nail*

The Beautiful
Dustin Byfuglien, you unspellable monstrosity.

As a defenceman, what are you doing there?

Sick eye for the back of the net, Byfuglien uses the goaltender as the ultimate deflection in the Jets win against Carolina. Boom. Watch the beauty of the day here!

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