Friday, 2 December 2011

Columbus at Edmonton, SNET-W, 7:30 PM

Game Story
"We had it a litte wrong.
Vince Carter was that elite talent we've been looking
for at this organization"

Too Good to Beat Columbus?
Ha-ha-ha look, it's Columbus!

Unfortunately, that may be the attitude shared by most folk on and off the team - a bad bad idea. This team can be good. They just haven't been.

Coaching change? Hasn't come yet.

Rick Nash? Hasn't won the Hart Trophy by himself yet.

Kristian Huselius? That player that, I swear, will make a killer line with Carter and Nash -snickersnicker-?

Steve Mason? ... nothing, that's just a mistake.

Yeah. That's right. It's Columbus. They suck. But if we think that they do, we'll lose.

Second in the league for any centre. That's right. Ahead of Datsyuk, Getzlaf, and soon to be behind Crosby.

Does anybody notice?
Eberle is also at a point per game pace. Has anybody noticed? Anybody?
"It's like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS"

Taylor Hall and Corey Potter both skated at practice today. Don't bet on Hall being back anytime soon, though. He's gotta rest up for at least a week more. Corey Potter, however, he could be back sooner than Hall. At least we all hope.

Glorious Predictions - Eberle!! RNH!! PLUS STEVE MASON!!! NOTHING CAN GO WRONG. Add in Father Smythmas and you have a disturbing 7-0 romp. Dubnyk with a shutout, boys and girls.
Realistic Prediction - Columbus comes out swinging, and it takes the third period for the Oilers to actually wake up. Although Smyth makes an excellent play to break out of his mini-mini-slump, the Oilers drop this one to continue this depressing homestand 3-2.
ELPH Prediction - We get smoked by Columbus. It's embarrassing. Oilers fans around the world weep, but secretly rejoice as Nail Yakupov becomes ever closer.

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