Thursday, 15 December 2011

Edmonton at Phoenix, Sportsnet Edmonton, 7:30 PM

 Game Story
They make quite the defensive pair

The Oilers got back Hall and Potter.

The Oilers have a Phoenix team that's on the second game of a back to back, a taxing game in Anaheim they dropped on Wednesday night.

Can something finally give?

The big injury is... wait, Hall's back? You'd think I would have talked about that already...

Well, Corey PowerPotter... Oh, that too.

Cam Barker is still out!! WHAT NOW?!

Dubs will get the start - strange - but Khabi's not injured - thank the good makers.




Glorious Prediction - The Corey Power Potter Play connects with 1 G, 1 A,  2 penalty minutes - Hall scores twice, and the Oilers dash out of this one with an absolutely lovely 5-2 win.
Realistic Prediction - One of those few teams that can really own us physically (that actually try, I mean, there are 29 teams that can, only a few choose to), the Coyotes entertain their crowd of millions hundreds of thousands 13 with a 3-1 ho-hum win.
ELPH Prediction - Hall's not 100% - leaves the game during the third period. All 'ell breaks loose, as Khabbi isn't 100% and Dubnyk's hopes are crushed when he's fleeced for 7 goals.

***By the way, today is ultimate test day - My prediction that we'll lose versus Sportsnet Edmonton. Which one is cursed? Find out tonight...***

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