Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dec 17: Edmonton at San Jose, HNIC, 8:00 PM

Game Story
It is said Roloson used this save to steal Cheechoo's youth and skill 

Who are we?
These Oilers, as one blogger put it, have entered the third phase of 2011-2012. The first phase was the brilliant October.
The second phase was the dismal November.

I believe, dear blogger, that those phases are also known as months.

Anyways, the Oilers may very well be entering the "long-haul" stretch, when we find out if these Oilers were toying with us in the beginning and actually do still love the cellar or these Oilers are for real, and were just taking a little time off for the lulz.

The Sharks haven't started as excellently as they had hoped - they, instead, decided to trade spots with Minnesota. Minny's ripping up the Western Conference with what seems like a good chunk of Sharks. The Sharks, mind you, haven't played as many games as the majority of the Conference and still sit 8th. Someone give that Marleau some Hart!

The major Oilers injury remains Barker, out long term. If and when he is back, we'll have a 100%* healthy team.

Omark is also injured, but the cast-off getting his cast off next week. Which, we hope, will merit his re-addition to the main squad.

In the mean time, filling the quota for Swedes on the AHL team, Paajaarvi has been sent down to the minors. Not only does this help our AHL team, but Paajaarvi getting excellent first-line minutes against tough competition is exactly the spark he needs. Can't wait for him to catch lightning in a bottle and release the thunder up in the NHL. We're rootin' for ya.

The Render (Renney Blender) was in full action at practice today - the Kid Line was reunited, with Smyth being promoted to the second line and Gagner centring Father Smythmas and Hemsky.


The defence pairings remained the same...

And, of course, Khabibulin.

Glorious Prediction - As history has proven - the Oilers, especially when the Kid Line is put together for the first time in a long time - go destroy the opposition and run away with the game. Oilers 5-0 Sharks, with a well deserved shutout for Khabi
Realistic Prediction - Oilers woes continue, especially against this talented Sharks squad. Marleau gets 2, including the winner in OT -- 4-3 Sharks.
ELPH Prediction - Oh boy. Bad game is bad, as Boyle and Thornton roast the Oilers to a 6-1 romp. RNH with the only Oilers goal - on the powerplay, most obviously.

*An Oilers team 100% healthy is actually impossible.

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