Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Minnesota at Edmonton, 7:30 PM, TSN

Game Story
The bonafide scorer the Wild have been looking fo.... Oh, too soon?

Prelude to a Slump?
The Oilers are in quite the slump - two games without really trying - and the team that they last beat comes to Rexall tonight.

Once again, lets remind you that the Minnesota Wild are a mediocre team against everyone EXCEPT the Oilers. Enter a few games into the season, the game the Oilers lost right before the massive win-streak, was Minnesota. Enter 19 games ago, four seasons ago, the last time the Oilers had won in Minnesota until just a few games ago.


Andy Sutton - is finally returning tonight. Woah - I'm right for once. Corey Potter remains 4-5 games away.

Hall is out for 2-4 weeks. Could be better, but realistically, it could be worse - he could be out for the season.

Ryan O'Marra has been called up by the Oilers from Oklahoma - not the move I endorse.

You either bring up the highest scorer (Phil Cornet) or the best player (Teemu Hartikainen), not some strange depth player.

On the other hand, this means 2/3 players that were traded for Ryan Smyth now draw in. Robby Nilsson is in the KHL's AHL league. Interesting, no?

Glorious Prediction - Oilers click, Paajaarvi with an exceptional day and 3 points to break out of the slump, giving the Oilers a well-deserved 4-1 win.
Realistic Prediction - Oilers don't click. O'Marra's insertion embarasses the team. Although Father Smythmas attempts to rescue this team, the Oilers continue the incredible slump with a 4-2 drubbing. Pierre-Marc Bouchard scores the empty-netter.
ELPH Prediction - Renney calls the team out after an awful 6-0 drubbing by, of any other team, the Minnesota. Matt Cullen destroys the team. Khabi yanked after 4 goals. ELPH in full flight.

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