Saturday, 26 November 2011

Edmonton at Avalanche, HNIC, 5:00 PM

Game Story
Who is that goalie? Must be one of the worst in history*!

Game Story
These teams came out flying in October, with the Oilers and Avalanche really surprising the league. The Oilers were just "so fantastic" last year, with the Avalanche being just "as fantastic", acquiring picks one and two in the first round last year. That being said, both teams had incredible starts and stats...

Until November.

With the Oilers, they couldn't win on the road.
With the Avalanche, they couldn't win at home.

They're both on the outside looking in to the playoff fishbowl, the Oilers being considerably closer.

What to do? I remain cursed. The Wild won, I was wrong again. This is both good and bad. Bet against me.

Well, Ryan Whitney played last night, and he continues. This bodes well.

Unfortunately, Sutton appears to return when we return home - Potter's prognosis is actually looking a lot better, he could be returning IN TWO GAMES. 

Plante had been called up, but I'm watching the game, and he's not playing in it.

A healthy Oilers can really do some damage.

Glorious Prediction - RNH gets another hat trick. It is HNIC, after all. 6-2
Realistic Prediction - We should, by all means, win. But we're tired. 3-2 in a shootout, we are slain by the Avalanche.
ELPH Prediction - Avalanche break out of their funk with an exceptional 4 point game from Chuck Kobasew. 5-1

*He's my hero, just so you know.

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