Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Oilers feast on Predators: The Rundown

FINAL 6 - 2

Game Story
Before I begin - I have a feeling I'm cursed. Whenever I pick the Oilers to win, they lose. Whenever I pick them to lose, they win.
Another problem - the Oilers have yet to win on Sportsnet Edmonton.

I believe I will cause a ruckus next game, as I attempt to get to the bottom of this curse and pick the Oilers to win on Sportsnet Edmonton.

The Bold
The whole team game by the Oilers. From Smyth's playing like these games might be steps to a Stanley Cup to the RNH train to Horcoff putting up quiet, but spectacular numbers all over the ice to Hallsy being ballsy to Hemsky scoring in game no. 500 to Paajarvi's first game being noticable to Gagner fighting, for god's sake, to Gilbert's "Sure-coach-i'll-play-the-whole-game" to Smid's picking up 2 freaking points to Dubnyk's exceptional goaltending to keep steamrolling in the second period.

Oh, and that Eberle kid. Nice goal or two.

And, not-from-the-Oilers, Jordin Tootoo. Massive game for him, and I'm happy to see his successes.

The Awful
Really? For this game? Letting in that goal late in the third period. That was kind of mean. Giving them hope with 30 seconds left?
Meh, the officials could have called a few more penalties against the Preds... but that's homertalk.

The Out-of-Control
Pekka Rinne is one of the NHL's best goaltenders - those three goals came from the overwhelming combination of speed and skill. Take a bow, dear sir; it wasn't your fault. I need you for my hockey pool.

The Beautiful
Boston has repeatedly fleeced the Maple Leafs, leaving them with nothing - but in this case, they felt bad and sent Joe Colborne, an incredible (okay, not incredible, but decent) prospect their way for Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle won them a cup, but he's not playing with them anymore.

He picked up his first NHL goal on a sublime pass off Matt Frattin, which is clearly my play and beauty of the day.

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