Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ottawa at Edmonton, 7:30 pm, SNET-EDM

The snow blows in mystery and suspense
My heart, it beats solemnly for
Something deeper than the present.
It shakes me to the core.

I wait, in silence, for a sign
From some other godly being
To tell me what I'm waiting for
To explain what my eyes aren't seeing.

A true sadness has taken root,
Every minute, I remain empty.
An eager animal, waiting to pounce,
A racing car, a jumping filly.

I lose my own bearing in the present,
Keep on hoping it'll be better then,
I count every tick that passes by,
That brings me closer to my end.

I do not know what silence I keep
Or for what, or when, or why.
All I know is my heart keeps beating,
Waiting to make solace with the sky.

I wrote the above. Critique it if you must. I'll keep my tears to myself.


The Senators season started dramatically, going 0-5-1, but they've righted the ship, now at .500... well, sort of... (9-9-1)

The Oilers season started ridiculously and unexplainably, still sitting at 9-6-2.

Much has been made of the Oilers forward rookies versus the Senators defence rookies tonight. We know the Oilers rookies...

Erik Karlsson has been dynamic for the Sens. His play is a big reason for their turn-around, along with the "excellent play" of Jason Spezza. Jared Cowan, a familiar name for his playing on the World Junior teams that featured our Eberle, has been playing up and down in Ottawa. David Runblad should be traded to Edmonton soon, according to various sources*.

In Edmonton, the story has been (the rookie) NUGE. His excellent start has been as much a factor of his two-way game as it has been his skill. Hall has not hit the scoresheet as much, but his effort cannot be questioned. Or can it**?

A parallel story, of course, has been the re-emergence and obvious-to-happen dominance of FATHER SMYTHMAS. His happy elf, Horcoff, has been a major factor in his giving the Oilers children gifts of winter. His other elves, Ryan Jones and Ales Hemsky, have been playing solid, especially Jones.

I predict a solid game from both sides, many Oilers fans clearly underestimating the man in the other cage, Craig Anderson. But, all in all, the Oilers end up snapping their losing streak.

*Sources that I made up.
**No. It can't.

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