Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oh no, Oh no - Edmonton and Avalanche: The Rundown

FINAL 2 - 5

Game Story
The Bold
Sam Gagner
A mammoth game - he's getting better all the time, like McCartney would sing here.

Sam Gagner deserves better than 3rd line minutes right now, but so does Scorecoff and RNH. What can you do?

Also, Stefan Elliot. Woah.

The Awful
I don't think "Oh no" sums it up - bad is bad.

Dubnyk ripped for 4 goals in the third period, including two he REALLY should have stopped. 

Hall injured, nobody knows how long, returned in the first (stupidly) and we hope that he left because of a bruise.

If it's a bad bruise, he could be out anywhere to two games to two weeks.

If he dislocated it, he'll need rehab for at least 2 months.

If he injured any of the soft tissue around his shoulder, it means the knife and the season.

The Horrendous
Kyle Quincey. Call me a homer, call me anything. That was a dirty hit. Wilson - that was a gargantuan rocking hit that you know was coming one time or another. Nothing particularly wrong with that. If Sutton did the same to, say, Landeskog, I would say, hey, fair game*.

I don't care what junior coaches or other coaches tell you - when you target a player's arm that you KNOW is injured, it's your own damn perceptions and its your own fault. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Celebrate this win in all of its glory, because it will be fleeting.

The Beautiful
Ladislav Smid.

First goal in almost 2 calendar years.

I don't care what else happened (other than the Hall hit) because this guy put a smile on the face of every Oilers fan.

Congrats, sir. Well-deserved.

View that and the SICK pass here - my beauty of the day!

*He did. He got suspended.

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