Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oh, bother: Nashville and Edmonton - The Rundown

FINAL 2 - 1

Late post? What do you mean? In fact, I had to take my comp into the repair shop. It wouldn't charge.

The Bold
Eberle - Dynomite. Very proud of his level of skill. A point-per-game player at every stage of his career, the kid is an exceptional talent. Overshadowed by the likes of Hall previously and RNH/FatherSmythmas this season, a bonafide talent that might just slip under the radar and onto an all-star team.

The Awful
The Oilers team game.

So you lose Hall. Paajaarvi, I might add, did quite a job trying to replace a first overall pick. Give him another game in that spot, and I'm sure the goals will come.

So you lose Hall. Does that mean this team subsequently forgets to play hockey? It shouldn't, but it did. We forgot how to shoot, we forgot how tod ump the puck in, we made inopportune pinches, so many odd man rushes. The second period was salvaged only by Rehabibulin, whose MCP status on this team could not be denied.

The Out-of-Control
Anders Lindbeck - For serious, he's a player. Playing behind Rinne, he doesn't get that much time-on-ice. Playing on any other team, he would be. It's just Rinne - a fantastic goalie (who is anchoring my hockey pool) who can't be denied ice-time.

Teams that are looking for goaltenders, by the way, include Columbus, Calgary (Kipper can't do it forever, and Karlsson is still worse prospect than Lindbeck), NYR (but he'd play the same role!), NJ (Brodeur's swan song), and Tampa Bay (a bonafide starter-talent goalie away from owning this league).

The Beautiful
Gilbert can hit. Didn't know he could, but he can. If he wants to.
I mean, not the best play of the day,
But in good spirit, the most surprising.

And that's my beauty of the day.

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