Friday, 25 November 2011

Afternoon Delight - Edmonton at Minnesota, SNET-W, 2 PM

Doesn't it seem like forever since the last time the Oilers played in the afternoon?

Cal Clutterbuck finally lands one of his punches

Game Story
Would you believe, that after all of that nagging and noodling and changing, the Wild and Oilers, supposed to be the weaker teams in the league, are suddenly 1st and 2nd in their division. The Oilers are tied for the eighth and final playoff-spot in the west, while the Wild... uh... lead the league.

I blame Dany Heatley. As every Oilers fan should.

Also, Josh Harding - dude, how?

The Wild are the league's second-hottest team, with a five game win streak (Boston woke up), while the Oilers have been hot AND cold, like Katy Perry's song. Whilst blowing out Chicago and Nashville, they failed to even show up in Dallas. Of coures, with the noted exception of R-N-H.

Injury Report et Lines
RYAN WHITNEY IS BACK. The funniest man on the twitterverse, he's finally playing a hockey game where he believes himself to be at 100%. It's like a trade for a top 4 defenceman. Cool, cool.

Barker and Sutton remain out. Sutton, however, should be back very very soon. Avalanche game, hopefully. Potter should be back mid-December.


Lines should remain the same - I personally hope Paajarvi and Lander and Eager stay together. Quick and energetic.

Glorious Prediction - The Oilers FINALLY beat Minny 4-1. RNH with two points - he could have scored four, but he was too busy laughing at Scott Cullen's trophy predictions. Smyth scores against Josh (WTF) Harding, proving he's still one of the most talented players in the league.
Realistic Prediction - This is a hot Minnesota team we're talking about. 5 wins. We're talking about an Oilers organization that can't buy a win in the state of 10 000 lakes. 3-1 Wild.
ELPH Prediction - Dany Heatley rips up our defence, although he gets injured by Smid (who laughs quietly). He scores a hat trick as Minny rips open Edmonton on their off-game 6-0

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