Sunday, 20 November 2011

Oilers play offence, destroy Blackhawks: The Rundown

  9 -- 2  

Just a note at that witty title - this was the Oilers run-and-gun play that was expected at the beginning of the season, with the talent of Hall, the slickness of Petry, and the absolute domination that is the Nuge.

A game beyond my glorious dreams.

The Bold
Not much really. Just the whole thing.
When you score 9 goals, the audience chants for 10, you look around and you say "this is good". And good it was. It was simply BOLD.

Tom Gilbert played like that guy we fleeced from the Avalanche. He was dynamite, hitting people (which is a career first), pinching like he meant it, playing the point on the power-play (which is a first, because he usually doesn't play a position... come to think of it, the last two years, did we even have a power-play?), and sneaking down for a very sweet goal.

Taylor Hall - dynamite. Hows that to break out of a scoring slump? It should be noted that he does usually slump before hat tricks, as this one was after a 9 game goal drought and his other, against the non-existent Thrashers, was after a 7 game mishap.
More regularity needed.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - woah. He tied a rookie record for most points in a game - 5. He was off Gretzky's mark of 7 assists in one game... by 2. He almost had one with the Hall "what-if-I-attempt-to-dislodge-the-net-with-my-face" in the third period, and could have easily had one with his feed to Eberle when Emery and another unnoted defenseman were trying their best to impersonate fish out of water.

Let Teddy Peckman, who I hated on before the game, be noted.

The Awful
9 goals were scored and assisted by ... 9 people. Hall, Eberle, Petry, Gilbert, RNH, Horcoff, Father Smythmas, Jones, Hemsky.

How's that for secondary scoring? - You say there was none? Hmm...

Also, Chicago's defence. They really really miss Seabrook.

The Horrendous (Things out of our control - this could be renamed)
Duncan Keith's hit on Hall.

Duncan Keith is one of the smarter players in the league, and he knew he did something wrong with that hit. I wouldn't be surprised if Shanny shows up on that party.

And Jones' goal. That shouldn't have gone in. Good things happen when you put pucks on the net.

The Beautiful
My beauty of the day, although there were sooo many to pick from the romp in Edmonton, another destruction in Toronto, ANOTHER crazy game of the Elton John songs in Winnipeg, is going to be Paul Bissonette.

Before you crucify this choice, I'll admit: not the prettiest goal in the books. It's not "beautiful" by any means.
But for a guy so dedicated to "the fan" as Twitter's star and for dedicating it to his mummy, it's beautiful to watch.

Enjoy the story and video here - my beauty of the day!

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