Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dallas leaves Oilers seeing Stars: The Rundown

 1 - 4


The Oilers follow up their great play against the Chicago Blackhawks with a poor effort in Dallas, as they were dropped 4-1.

The Bold
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Ryan Smyth had mammoth games. RNH looked dangerous every time he was on the ice, while Smyth continued his strong play. Both continue their remarkable pace of a point-per-game.

Tom Gilbert also played quite solid - in comparison to the rest of our defensive corps. He continues his strong play - is this a taste of his future potential perhaps being reached?
Easily his most noticeable play was deftly deflecting the wayward shot into the net away from the net, giving the Oilers a solid 20 seconds more before they let in the empty netter.

The Awful
Theo Peckham follows up his gargantuan defensive game against the Blackhawks with several suicide passes and one suicide body-slam, leaving the rookie defenceman Petry to attempt to combat a 4 on 1. Hell, Lidstrom can't do that 100% of the time.

That goal, mind you, was the 3-1 backbreaker that should not have happened.

Anton Lander needs to go to the AHL for some seasoning. He seemed out of whack.

I'm on the fence about the play about Hordichuk - but his lack of speed in comparison to someone like Eager is disappointing. Then again, Eager doesn't hit...

And an awful from Dallas - Brendan Morrow. Pugilists get less penalties. As the captain of your team, you don't take penalties in the third period hooking a guy off the face-off.

The Out-of-Control
Michael Ryder's shot. Dear god, if I was Khabibulin, I would be cowering. It was set up from a 4 on 1...

The Beautiful
The beautiful comes right out of Pittsburgh, where their new AHL call-up lit up the hapless New York Islanders with 2 goals and 2 assists.

Some people have made a big deal out of this insertion into the line-up... He's supposed to be a pretty highly touted player. They even give him a "moniker".

You can watch this so-called "Sid-The-Kid" goal off his first shot here, my beauty of the day.

I'll be posting later with tonight's pre-game.

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