Saturday, 19 November 2011

Chicago at Edmonton, 8:00 PM, HNIC

Game Story

The Chicago Blackhawks, fresh off an embarrassing defeat to the Flames, roll into Edmonton, who hasn't won in what seems like an eternity.

The Oilers have lost four straight: three that they don't need to necessarily apologize for, a drubbing in Boston, an appearance in Detroit, and a failure in Chicago (at least we don't play them any time soon). Last game, however, against Ottawa, should have been a win and was simply depressing to watch.

The Blackhawks find themselves atop the Western Conference, seemingly willingly given up by the Oilers just a few days ago, but lost a sad match against the lowly Flames.

Injury Report
The Oilers, already losing Barker for the long haul and missing Whitney, whose unlucky streak continues into this season, learned that Potter will be out almost a month, while Sutton seems likely to miss 7-10 days.

Look forward to Sutton AND Whitney, however, returning against the Avalanche again. As long as Sutton doesn't go get himself suspended again in Denver.

Gagner (bad back [?]) and Hordichuk (ribs, illness) look to return into the lineup.

My hero, Omark, broke his ankle in the AHL. His chances of making it back to the big dance just got a lot smaller.


Forward Corps (as per practice)
Smyth - RNH - Eberle
Hall - Horcoff - Jones
Paajarvi - Gagner - Hemsky
Eager - Belanger - Lander

Questions about the above - WHERES PETRELL!? And also, please don't separate Horcoff and Smyth. Horcoff only, and I mean, only, has chemistry with Father Smythmas.

Smid - Gilbert
Peckham - Petry 
Chorney - Teubert

Questions about the above - Infinite. Play Teubert with Petry for a slicker line. Peckham can't pass.


Questions about the above - Will the real Khabibulin please stand up? The one that was the NHL's third star in October, preferably, over the one who was pulled last game.

Now I'm going to change it up here for pre-game blogs from now on:

I'll start with a GLORIOUS prediction, that is, if all goes well for the Oilers.
Follow it up with a realistic prediction, what should happen
And the ELPH prediction, what will happen if nothing good happens


Glorious Prediction - Looking up at the sky, the NUGE notices that he's playing on HNIC, and decides to follow up his hat trick with a three point night, a goal and two assists, when the Oilers suddenly wake out of their slumber and beat the Blackhawks 4-1.
Likely Prediction - The HHJ line (that horrendous second line) surprises me and scores, but it's not enough to beat Chicago, who waltzes out of Alberta with a 3-1 win.
ELPH Prediction - Patrick Kane looks up at the sky and realizes the Oilers have 2 decent defensemen, 2 decent prospects, and 2 AHLers. He and Toews combine for 8 points as the Blackhawks destroy Edmonton 7-2. 

In life...
I play ball hockey (rec) with the University - I play either goalie or D. This was my first start in net, but I do believe it may be my last. 19-1. That's depressing.

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